Desegregation projects

Enabling theatre visits in Szabolcs county - The theatre of Nyíregyháza offers free admission to their performances within the framework of a project sponsored by the Summa Artium Kht. to the least priviliged students of Szabolcs county, who are mostly of Roma origin. Our foundation provided professional help in preparing the programme: we analysed local high schools and selected the institutions educating most disadvantaged students, contacted them and lay the groundwork of their coopration with the theatre.

Roundtable discussions against the causeless classification of Roma children as "special needs students" - Our foundation started roundtable discussions in the field of classifying Roma children as special needs students. Our purpose is to involve education experts, examine the legal and educational issues of qualifying children as special needs students and stand up together against any causeless qualifications.

Organising and supporting events

Fundraising for students awarded scholarships at the University of Texas
Two students of the Gandhi High School in Pécs coming from disadvanteged families got a four-year scholarship to study at the University of Texas, USA. The prerequisite of starting their studies was a passing score at the SAT exams. Through the contacts they made during their international volunteer work, the two youngsters already raised the costs for accomodation, meals and visa, and took jobs to cover the costs of their stay, however, they needed assistance to raise money for the airfare. Since we do not support individual requests, we undertook the organization of an event within a couple of days to raise the missing 420,000 Forints.
The event was held at the cultural centre of Tűzraktér Egyesület in Hegedű Street, Budapest, where the following bands gave gratuitous concerts: ClubEra, Romano Drom, Balogh Kálmán, Técsői Banda and Nomada. Almost 200 people attended the event, raising 284,000 Forints, and later donating 21,000 Forints to our bank account. The remaining 115,000 Forints and the non-direct costs of the event were covered by our foundation.
Our media sponsors were the Rádió C, Klub Rádió, Tilos Rádió,,,, and

Also forwarding the two students gratitude, we thank you to all for supporting this event by your attendance or financial contribution!
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And here's a card from the students in Austin, TX: